Most memorable occasion of your life has to select with proper uncommon and enchanting place for celebration. It is the grandeur of your life. Resheen always welcome prestigious customers celebrating their wedding beyond expectations and without mimicry. The large ballroom can seat over 400 heads conveniently. Separate bar lounge fully equipped messurmized 500 sqf studio room and fully furnished three luxury A/C rooms serve for Bride, Bride Groom and dancing Group as changing room. Specially designed band stage with lighted dancing floor and many more facilities including all requirement of your wedding. Delicious simply menu aries your appetite preparing our internationally expert chef has almost 25 years’ experience about local and international cuisine. Ample car park can locate over 300 vehicles under our reputed securities. Various all inclusive wedding and home coming packages arrange us to fit your budget for make your delightful occasion without risky and hesitation.